Online Learning accomodates everyone's needs. Lecturer can be taken any number of times. Offers access to update content with quick delivery of lessons.
E-Learning saves time and money.

Live Virtual Classes

Virtual classroom , the tutor and the learners participating in learning activities through video conferencing. Discussion and immediate feedback can be done with classmate.Students get prior information regarding classes through alert SMS, Ipad with help you.


Allows quicker receipt of books. E-books ensure that students are proactively interacting with the learning material by the ways of video, animations, lectures, taking notes, etc. The student may read E-books by accessing E-Library through student login.


Ensures accuracy of study material and eliminates the re-keying and errors with no risk of losing notes.Recording also allows students to focus on listening to the lecture and absorbing the key points.


We providing you @iPad your home for the best E-Learning solution during this COVID time. It will be now easy to carry E-notes, E-books and attend classes anywhere anytime. Portability and high-quality display apps will instantly save your work. Students no longer need to be worried about classed and loosing unsaved work or flash drives.

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