Effect of COVID on Job Opportunities

COVID has created a lot of differences in the job sector. Low economic rates, unemployment and recession period, COVID have unlocked almost all worst phase of our lives. No job security is found nowadays. People are upset about the current situation and have lead to a state of destruction. They don't know how to react to the current situation and is now getting unhappy. Job opportunities during the lockdown period have confined from office to home.

Among 12.2 crore people have lost their jobs in India during April 2020. Among these, 75% were the small traders and daily wage labourers. Almost 40% of Americans have started working from home during COVID. According to The Economic Times, there can be a decline of 5.4 per cent in the per capita income of Indians. 5.4 per cent in per capita income is a huge number if noticed.

Work from home has emerged globally as a new trend in job sectors. A race for the job is now again on board with more complications and competitions. Keeping this current situation of COVID-19 in mind, it's very important to acquire knowledge and a good job. But finding a job needs conceptual knowledge.

For gaining knowledge, one must acquire it. Knowledge comes from both experience and study, failures and successes. There is no single unit of acquiring skills. You cannot simply be informative by reading books or just by studying. Its a lot beyond books and studies. The more you explore, the more you get; is the simple saying for comprehension.

An easy way to get a job is by using various online job sites. They provide stay at home jobs or online jobs from home which are easier and comfortable during this pandemic time. People have made their home as a new workplace. They have adapted a new of working. Although, this way was not easy than working is still a need.

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Why Engineering is the best suitable option for Career? 

Selecting a job is so hard as it is the only decision which will direct your life in the right way. After finishing high school with maths stream, it evolves tough as what to follow. There are many career choices if you have finalized your high school from the maths stream. Do you know the most desirable career after high school is engineering? 

Yes, Engineering is the best alternative for your vocation. It strengthens your ability and reasoning. It gives rise to a touch of imaginativeness. You get to know how real-life crises are unravelled. You develop management quality. You appreciate what a crew is and how to adjust to a team. It's not just a good option for your successful career but it also helps in improving your personality. 

We value: Inquiry, scientific temper, social justice, creativity, differing  perspectives, innovation, academic freedom, dialogues, excellence, quality and service motive. We promote: Learning culture, research, ethical behaviour, Indian ethos and values, entrepreneurship, spirit of inquiry, wellrounded personality, practical learning and merit.

It has various areas or branches for which one can opt for. Not just you can enrol yourself in numerous branches but you can also go for some domain courses. Several of its eminent departments include civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics and communication, computer science, chemical, automobiles, forensic science and many more. 

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