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about us

Malwa institute of technology and management is the third college of the malwa group. the other two colleges are malwa institute of science and technology , Indore and malwa institute of technology Indore. This college at Gwalior is entering in its fourth year. Spread over 17 acres of land, it has a great infrastructure and satisfies all the parameters which make a college stand in the row of great colleges.

Situated in a very congenial atmosphere, it is easily accessible for both rural and urban students. A peaceful abode of learning , here student can achieve as much as he/she wants , studying through the curriculum and avidly participating in extracurricular activities. Of course college is very particular in providing the best engineering education but it also takes care of all the constructive activities in which a student can participate like seminars, sports, games, drama, debate, quiz and all.

When it comes to your education, you should always target the courses which give you direction to move internationally. Further your hard work and choice of an excellent institution play the key role in developing you as a professional executive.

" Malwa is more than just an institute. And to experience this you must join us. "

our mission

Our mission is to inculcate a sense of responsibility in the students about the upcoming challenges in life and to dare the challenges with a determine will to solve them. We are committed to quench the thirst of knowledge in the mind of the student with all possible effort.

Our aim is to nourish the intelligence in an open atmosphere of teaching and learning and to train the student to become the leaders.

our vision

Our eyes are on the opportunities and problems of the future and in the context of the global socio economic crisis coupled with the challenging needs like unemployment, water and food.

Our students ought to have the eyes of an engineer along with the sense of social responsibility.

Only then they will be called the product of the responsible educational system. We are aiming to cultivate the vision to give them a fresh look into the fast changing world.

why choose us

some best features about our college

High-Tech Laboratories

From Science Labs To Personality Development , Business Management To Engineering We Facilitate And Upgrade With The Need Of The Hour.

Qualified Faculty

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World Class Infrastructure

Filled With Natural Elegance Which Offers A Soothing Effect On Sanities, Malwa Institute Of Tecchnology Is Equipped With State Of Art Infrastructural Facilities.

Board members

our inspirations

Shri. L N. Shivhare


message from Chairman

Someone said ‘’ winners take time to relish their work, knowing that scaling the mountain is what makes the view from the top so exhilarating”. Laxmi Narayan Ji is the best example to prove and relish this saying. Started from the scratch and reaching to the zenith alongside making a success story and setting as example for the others to quote.

He is renowned businessman of Gwalior, he is also the Chairman of Malwa Group of college, Indore and Gwalior. He along with his business partners started Malwa Group with establishing his very first college in Indore City in the year 2004, the success of Indore college encouraged them to start another college in the very same vicinity in the year 2008 which is followed by the expanding the fraternity by establishing the third college in Gwalior in 2009. Now according to the recent rating the MALWA Indore campus is in the top 5 Technical institutions across the state. His goal is to bring MALWA at par the finest Institutions in the country. He is a philanthropist of the highest order and is associated with many social and religious organization.

message from vice Chairman

She is a young and Dynamic business Women joins the MALWA Group in 2016. She has completed her MBA in H.R. and giving her experience along with new ideas at Malwa Group of Colleges. She would like to focus on grooming young minds as a pillar of advancement of a Nation and hope of the future. Her aim is to Promote Education and Culture in all the aspects in order to achieve and fulfill the mission statement that she believe in try to maintain academic standards, which helps our students to achieve remarkable and excellent result. At Malwa college we believe in humanity, Discipline, Punctuality regularity words that visualize the Ambition and our Aim is to educate the students to learn not just to study. She wishes all our students the good luck to their future and you do not have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.

Mrs. Ayushi Shivhare

vice chairman

Dr. Mukesh Sharma


message from Principal

He is well known and renowned academician, with an extensive experience of 27 years in Teaching, Industry and Research. He is a result oriented professional with 27 years of rich and extensive experience in Administration, Teaching and research. He has proven skills in managing teams to work in sync with the corporate objectives and motivating them for achieving business and individual goals. Proactively participated in development, implementation and maintenance of policies, objectives, short and long range planning.