Vocational Training

Malwa Institute of Technology and Management

At Malwa T & P Cell arranges training for students in industries for 2 weeks at the end of 4th Semester and for 4 weeks at the end of 6th Semester. The students of the college undergo their training at various prestigious organizations. The students act as a channel of communication with the industries. The T&P through its cordial relationship with corporate world has succeeded in securing Technical Training for its students in places like BHEL, BSNL, JK Tyre, etc. The personality development training is a positive approach in learning how to be a more attracting and stimulating personality. This will acquire our students to examine and evaluate their presence to daily life.

Personality development's characteristic qualities have so many functions in ones aptitude in life, which are not taken too seriously and these major traits are; Courteousness, Friendliness, kindness, interest in other people, vitality and most of all self-confidence, that the posture is the spine of an attractive mind there fore, this is our goal for our students to reach out and in and draw from within themselves a strong unit of personal power.

The pragmatic reaction that our students are in today's scenario is to self-improvement that they face, are on the basis of; spoken English, communication skills, business writing, business etiquette, presentation skills, resume writing, group dynamics, confidence building, positive attitude, leadership skills, team building, creativity, interpersonal skills, group discussion techniques, interview skills and stress management.

Our students would enormously be exposed to; group discussions for a free-flow dialogue, quizzes, test and interviews for Campus Placement that will help them to understand the future events in a holistic method and obtain sense and trends out of it. This training will prove tremendously critical for Group Discussions and Interviews for Campus Selection Process.

There fore, a framework is provided to them such that they could evaluate, form opinions and debate they point of view in order to know the important global issues. This becomes very advantageous in a linked global activities with respect to dominant topics like; ascend of regionalism, unemployment and to identify the uniform of civil code so that the clarity of thought and opinions, their potentials at the time of interview where the interviewers are finding in such students where they can also shape the destiny of the Organization.

The Department has organized several events for the same purpose. Some of the activities include: Workshop & Seminar Regular seminars on communications skills, voice & accent modulation, corporate etiquettes are conducted to provide students with an edge over others in professional arena. The students would be more aware about the up-and-coming industries where they can have a career choice and opportunities that would lead to a better interpretation and decide a superior professional preference

Mock Test Series of simulating tests including general as well as technical questions.

Group Discussions Discussions and views over current hot topics to raise the thought level. There has been an array of special guest lectures on Group Discussions and Personal Interviews by professors from eminent institutions.

Educational Tours
Seeing mechanisms practically is worth a thousand things which we go through by way of reading from various from various sources. On this very concept, educational tours are organized that influence the tender minds of the students.