Tutor Guardian

Malwa Institute of Technology and Management

Tutor Guardian (TG) Scheme

The tutor guardian (TG) scheme is an innovative concept brought in, to encourage and for overall benefit of the students. Under this scheme, about 15 students each are placed under the care of one member of the teaching staff, who acts as tutor guardian for these students and in addition, looks after their needs and difficulties. The systems provide close monitoring of students. The tutor guardian meets the students individually as frequently as possible to guide and assist them in different way.

The tutor guardian is keeping close vigilance on his /her students activity, performance and development. TG Will communicate to the parents of their students as and when required. Parents are advised to be in touch with TG to get feedback of their ward. By this, the Institute aims to develop the qualities of good citizenship in alumni. The attendance of the students in the meeting called by their tutor guardian is compulsory.