Applied Science

Malwa Institute of Technology and Management

Department of Humanities & Applied Sciences
The Applied Sciences & Humanities Department being one of the oldest department provides facilities for students to do research-oriented projects in Applied Sciences. Department of Applied Science and Humanities, in perfect conformity and commendable balance, is a department that serves as the bed rock on which this institute is firmly structured. This becomes a foundation that aims at creating analytical and innovative engineers who prove to be authentic pillars that serves as a strong edifice of the nation. The department takes care of core subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Professional communications. The department has competent and knowledgeable faculty and well

Equipped laboratories i.e.
Engineering Physics Lab.
Engineering Chemistry Lab.
Language Lab.

The humanities section offers core courses in English Language, Professional Communication, and Industrial Management. The lack of proficiency in English language is a serious problems of the students. In order to correct this deficiency, the SIST has established a Language Lab which helps in enhancing the English language and communication skills of the students. Language lab is equipped with software from Globerna Technologies Hyderabad which provides the students with training in group discussions, interview skills, verbal ability, comprehension skills and listening skills as well. Thus enhancing practical skills of the students in the institute. Keeping in view the transformations in the world economic, industrial and placement scenario in recent years SIST has gone in with an envious development in the Communication Skills department. The department boasts of having the best of faculty for preparing the students for future competitions. Believing in the dictum that ‘money and skills no longer know borders’ the department works for developing students for all different situations they might face in the future by holding special sessions. There is a need for smart graduates in the industry today and SIST works for shaping up its graduates smartly. With the help of excellent communication skills students of the group always stand above others and create a niche for themselves in the best of industries. The efficiency of a business manager depends on his better communication skills and realizing this need SIST works on developing better communication skills of its students. Aiming at infusing a flair for better spoken skills and leadership qualities in its students the college holds sessions to help them fit well in the vacancies available for graduates in various fields. The business world today expects a business manager to learn to live in this fast changing world. Changing cultures, languages and work systems should not affect the efficiency of a well trained business manager and SIST always works on making them learn to live keeping in view the needs of the market.

Mathematics being the foundation of all engineering is given special attention. Typical problems are solved in specially designed tutorials using mathematical tools like, numerical analysis, furzy logic, artificial intelligence and combinatorial analysis etc. Besides certain mathematical algorithms are studied in detail and applied to construct mathematical models for various engineering problems and their analysis.

The Engineering Chemistry section offers a curriculum exhibiting an advanced level of understanding of the principles of chemistry and their applications to problem solving in engineering chemistry. The future technocrats are also exposed to critical issues related to environment, enhancing their innovative thinking. Gray areas like environmental pollution, climate change, increasing industrialization, global warming are discussed through class lectures and field work. Awareness is created among the students about their surroundings so that they can take the responsibility to solve the environmental problems of this planet. The Engineering Chemistry section provide practical knowledge on Polymers, Engineering Materials, Waste Water Chemistry, Lubrication and Instrumentation. The chemistry lab is equipped with spectrophotometric, viscometric & pH-metric analysis setups, De-Mineralizer plant, electronic chemical balances, electric oven, distillation plant, Melting point apparatus and suction pump setup etc...

In today’s fast-growing society, Physicist may play invariably a variety of gigantic roles. In Industrial laboratories or other agencies, they may deal with the application of fundamental knowledge to the development of solutions for a variety of practical problems for managing large scientific or technical programs.The discipline of Physics seeks to determine, verify, and apply the basic laws governing matter and energy in order to benefit the society. Today, increasingly important new sub fields of Physics are emerging at the boundaries between physics & other disciplines. The rapid development of computer-based technologies is acting as a catalytic agent in enhancement of disciplinary sciences.