Principal Message

Malwa Institute of Technology and Management

Ultimate purpose of education is to develop an integrated personality. One needs to master his own discipline to make him independent at the same time he needs to understand and use the inter-dependence of various other fields to achieve the goal successfully. Continuous learning, Entrepreneurship and Innovation are the keys to success in the knowledge centered global economy.

At Malwa all the activities are Student-Centric i.e. Student is the center point of all activities planned in the institute. Malwa provides the infrastructure and an environment to ensure that student acquires adequate knowledge and skills to be successful engineer well before his graduation. The student is fully geared to face any challenge in the world on his stride.

What does it mean to students at Malwa? It means recognizing that each student is unique. - Counseling and self-awareness program.

It means promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. - Innovation center and discovery corners in various laboratories.

It means providing an all-inclusive incubation, invigorating environment. -Sports, co-curricular, extra-curricular and interaction with experts.

It means enabling students to learn at ones own pace. -Managed learning systems and E-learning facility.

It means to make learning enjoyable. -Project work, multi-media, Internet.

It means to create opportunities for learning and discovering knowledge. -Knowledge enhancement program.

It means career guidance and placement. -Full time Human Resource Development Officer.

You will find all these and more in Malwa Institute of Technology & Management . “It’s a CARING institution.”

Dr. Sandeep Gangrade