Chairman Message

Malwa Institute of Technology and Management

Is the third blooming bud in the bouquet of Malwa group The other two have already beeb writing the success story at indore this the third one has also completed the three year journey and is now stepping into its fourth year.

Our aim is to provide the students in our philosophy in our way of living “saa vidhya ya vimuktaya” (knowledge is that which liberates).

Situated in a cool and calm atmosphere away from the din of city life and yet easily accessible for both rural and urban student ,mitm with its campus in sikroda village on Jhansi road ,Gwalior is a peaceful abode of learning in the lap of mother nature

This is an are of globalization .we must think and act globally. and if it comes to our education we should target the course which give us direction to move internationally Further your hard work and the choice of an excellent initiation plays the key role in developing you as a professional executive For such an excellence Mitm is all set to transform your life by exploring your hidden potential and developing you as a leader in your specialized field

Malwa is more than just an institute .and to experience this you must join us.