Malwa Institute of technology and management is the third collage of the MALWA Group. The other two collages are Malwa institute of science & technology, Indore and Malwa institute of technology, Indore. This collage at Gwalior is entering in its fourth year. Spread over 17 acres of land, it has a great infrastructure and satisfies all the parameters which make a collage stand in the row of great collages.

Situated in a very congenial atmosphere, it is easily accessible for both rural and urban students. A peaceful abode of learning, here a student can achieve as much as he/she wants, studying through the curriculum and avidly participating in extra curricular activities. Of course the collage is very particular in providing the best of engineering education but it also takes care of all the constructive activities in which a student can participate like seminars, sports .games, drama, debate, quiz et al.

When it comes to your education, you should always target the courses which give you direction to move internationally. Further your hand work and the choice of an excellent institution play the key role in developing you as a professional executive.

Malwa is all set to transform your life by exploring your hidden potential and developing you as a leader with multifaceted personality.

Malwa is more than just an institute. And to experience this you must joint us.