About Gwalior

Malwa Institute of Technology and Management

A historic city founded by King Surajesan, Gwalior, the formerly princely state of Madhya Pradesh, is famed for its outstanding palaces, sacred temples and glorious monuments. Gwalior's history is as fascinating as the attractions in the city, which can be traced back to the 8th century AD. It is believed that this city is named after the saint ‘Gwalipa’, who cured the king’s deadly disease. A cradle of great dynasties, this fabulous city was in existence over the centuries. With embracing structures like sandstone mosque, rock temples and fabulous statues, Gwalior city upkeeps its glorious tradition of the past. The magnificent fort on the majestic hills, that overlooks the entire city, gives an enthralling look to the scenic ambiance of this marvelous town. These spectacular monuments of the yesteryears, provides an exceptional charm to this wonderful city. In addition to these heritages and museums, Gwalior will be remembered forever as the birthplace of the great musician Tansen. The major cultural event held every winter to commemorate the memory of this great musician, attracts large gathering. The stalwarts of music take it as a great privilege to be a part of this cultural extravaganza. Situated on a prime location, Gwalior was a dream city for many dynasties. The city acquired much from the reign of different dynasties who had developed this as a renowned place. Being the birthplace of illustrious people, Gwalior is accredited with a unique status in the history of India. A sprawling city where tradition is entwined with modernity, Gwalior presents a enthralling and a beguiling appeal to the tourists. Must See/Do: Gwalior Fort, Man Mandir Palace, Suraj Kund